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Elizabeth Norton

Yoga Master – Owner

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Fat measurement is the process of measuring the percentage of fat present….



What does the sauna really do to your body?
Sure, it makes you sweat, but what are its health benefits?



An exercise method that keeps the body in top shape by combining a syste…


Abs workout

Program for all ages focusing on the abdominal area. The structure…


Personal Training

With Personal Training you have..


Circular training

The specific method refers to performing exercises in form

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Το γυμναστήριο μου τα τελευταία χρόνια! Οι χώροι είναι πεντακάθαροι, ο Νίκος είναι άριστος γνώστης, πρόθυμος να συμβουλεύσει τόσο τον πιο αρχάριο όσο και τους έμπειρους αθλούμενους. Το συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα!!

Georgios Ntontos

although not worth five stars … worth at least 50 stars .. !!!!!!!!


5 years and we continue bodydynamic-a !!! With the best coach of Thessaloniki Nikos Nikolaou


Very good gym, great atmosphere! Mr. Nikos and his wife are very helpful and eager to help! I highly recommend!


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What are the benefits of Sauna?

SAUNA is a sweating process caused by an increase in body temperature. This procedure achieves relaxation and rehabilitation after a strenuous muscular effort. The temperature of SAUNA ranges from 50 ° C to 100 ° […]


Is weight training appropriate for children?

You will have heard the question several times whether weight training is appropriate for children. So, on the occasion of this question that I also received from a dad who was asking about his child […]


Have you heard about the principles of training?

Principles of training When creating a training program we need to keep in mind some basic principles if we are to have positive results. These principles are: the principle of charge, the principle of progressivity, […]

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